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Tax time is all year long here at CAPA. We are a Year-round tax service, whether you have a complicated tax return, need to file back tax returns or just need to file your tax return on time. We are here for you 5 days a week all year long with extended hours and 6 days a week from February 15th, though April 15th.

Dear Friends,

I am proud to announce that CAPA is again offering up to 20% discount on personal income tax preparation services from January 15th through April 15th for all first time tax customers and all clients who have had any previous services done through CAPA.


    I. Up to 5% discount for customers with previous services.

    II. Up to 10% discount for first time tax customers.

    III. Up to 5% discount for referring a friend.

We are also preparing tax returns for Corporations, LLC’S, LP’S and Trusts.

Please be reminded that corporation tax returns are due March 15th. You must file a corporate tax return, even if you just incorporated in December or had no activities. Personal tax returns are due April 15th. If you need an extension please call our office.

Tax services can be obtained through mail, telephone, CAPA website or in our office Our prices are low, our services are fast, efficient and guaranteed.

To arrange for a free tax evaluation, an appointment to have your taxes done or for more information call (877) 489-7087.


Is it the end or a new beginning?
With the recent state of the economy, there were over a hundred (100) million lawsuits filed in this country last year. Tax liens, seizures, wage garnishment, repossession and foreclosure have all reached epidemic proportions. People are losing their jobs, their property, money, business and their credit, more today than ever before.

For many people, Bankruptcy is the solution to their debt problems, it is not the end.

It is a new beginning, a new life free of debt. You can stop the Lawsuits, tax liens, seizures, wage garnishment and repossessions. You can keep your belonging including your home, cars, personal property, wages and your business.

CAPA Financial Management Consultant (FMC).

Talk to a CAPA FMC, we can help you make wise financial decisions and obtain a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney that will make your personal or business bankruptcy experience a pleasant one, with reasonable fees and payment plans. We can show you how to get a new start in just a few days after bankruptcy.

Learn how to obtain new credit without the stigma of a bankruptcy, how to buy cars and property, how to Start and operate your own successful business. Gain wealth, and protect your assets.

Start your new beginning today, talk to a CAPA FMC to see if bankruptcy is the right solution for you.

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