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members-servicesCAPA membership was created by financial planner and business consultant Roy Smith, it is designed to enrich the lives of its members and improve the financial status for them self and their family. CAPA Membership consist of a careful selected blend of financial services, document preparation services and business consultant services, all included in one package to help small business men and women overcome some of the optical that threaten their survival rate as well as their success. CAPA also provide members with educational programs such as workshops, seminar, and monthly small business reports. Capa membership seminars are also designed to strengthen members financial position, increase revenue and protect their assets.

The Main Ingredient

Each benefit and service that make up the CAPA Membership, were carefully chosen because they provide unusual financial value and genuine benefits.

The main ingredient in the CAPA Membership package is the Incorporation /LLC services. Each membership package may include one or more Corporation or LLC (Limit Liability Company) complete and ready to transform the members business into a corporate entity, no matter whether one has an existing business or starting a new business, Capa Incorporation Services can benefit them and their business.

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